Your Name and Title: Dr. Beate W. Nguyen, Principal & Global Scholar-Practitioner

School or Organization Name: Archdiocese of Los Angeles/St. Augustine School

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Los Angeles, California, USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English (with French, German, Dutch & Spanish, if desired)

Target Audiences: PreK-12 Educators; PreK-12 School Leaders; District Administrators; Educational Researchers;

Short Session Description: 

What are we waiting for? The Class of 2030 is already here!

Full Session Description:

What are we waiting for? The Class of 2030 is already here!

If we are waiting for 2030 to come around to take action, we may be surprised to learn that the Class of 2030 is already in our education systems from PreK-12! This is an urgent call for alignment with the 2030 SDGs & social justice action!

How do we prepare our students for jobs that have not yet been invented? What navigation skills are we transmitting now to guide our young learners into the future? What global competencies do our young learners already embrace, and what transferable skills do they still need to unfold their full human potential?

How will our students be prepared to make ethical and moral decisions with integrity and scientific precision? Will they be ready to apply both human empathy and AI for the betterment of humanity? 

Explore how educational leaders can create learning environments and opportunities in which the 2030 SDGs are infused into the PreK-12 classrooms. See how sustainability becomes an essential component of learning, and how the human potential can be more fully unfolded to build a more just world for all! 

Join Dr. Nguyen as she returns to GEC 2019 to share her newest observations & research on global competencies from Dubai, Tokyo, Tampere (Finland), Toronto and Los Angeles. 

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