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A.J. Juliani, High School English Teacher and Co-Founder of Colllabo


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Wissahickon High School


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Anthony Gabriele

Steve Mogg


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Philadelphia, PA, USA


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Target Audience(s):

Teachers, Staff Developers, Administrators


Short Session Description (one line):

We will look at how Colllabo was created, what we stand for, and how to join the conversation in the Q&A community for educators.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

We started this journey with a conversation in November of 2010. At the time we all believed there was an underlying issue with education around the world: collaboration. As educators we knew that our best lessons, units, and assessment were created with the help of one another. We understood how empowering it could be to work side by side other educators towards a common goal. But we also knew how isolating this profession could be, and how the turnover rate of teachers was much too high. We set out to create an online community where educators could share and collaborate with each other in a simple, easy-to-use way. By March 2011 we had formed a team of four and launched Colllabo.

Colllabo began as a sharing and collaboration community for educators. We believed that as technology improves, access to quality resources and information does not need to be limited to inside one’s school. My work with the "Flat Classroom Project" and "Net Gen Ed" made it clear that educators around the globe are doing amazing work with students every day, and we needed a place for this work to be shared, discussed, and developed. After going through our initial alpha and beta phases we decided to pivot our current site into a Question & Answer community for everyone involved in education. Our hope is that Colllabo will give teachers, staff developers, consultants, professors, and administrators the best possible platform to both share their knowledge and accumulate knowledge. As a Q&A community, we are going to work tirelessly to make Colllabo easy, accessible, and useful for everyone interested in joining the conversation.

This summer we officially founded our company. We have a number of different ideas on how to improve collaboration between educators, and firmly believe Colllabo is just the start. This is a journey that started with four of us, but our hope is that thousands of educators with the same vision will begin to share knowledge and collaborate.

Our session will focus on how to best use to collaborate with other teachers around the world. By the end of the session you'll know why we made this site, how to sign up and join the conversation, and what our plans are for the future of global collaboration within the teaching community. With so many of us doing amazing work with students, it's time knowledge is shared and appreciated!


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