School or Organization Name: St. Mary's Public School

Puthuppally, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Co-Presenter Name(s): Fr Joseph K Mathew, Mariamma T C, Biju Cherian

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: India

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Students, Teachers, Parents, Eco-conscious people

Short Session Description (one line): Connected Learning Activities, Social Service

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): Learn how students in Kerala, India connect with peers, teachers,and experts across the world using Skype, under the watchful eyes of teachers and parents. They collaborate on curricula based projects with others across the world and plant plant trees dedicated to their connections in other countries as eco-warriors.

By connecting the learning globally through Languages, Mathematics lessons using GeoGebra and History lessons explaining heritage, art and culture of their own country, students are empowered to become Ambassadors of their own country and shared and compared in real time with classrooms across the globe.

Participants will learn how parents monitor this internet use by their children, safeguards students as they search, research, learn and connect online with other students and classes. Parents take an active interest in linking their children at both ends of the global  collaboration. Social Networking Homes  will be discussed, leading to better understanding of different cultures.

Schools and community members of Kerala have used a number of projects and themes to share with other classes across the world including Indian mothers teaching mothers in other countries - how to make garden pots using recycled paper, how to help sons set up a garden in school campus.

If other educators across the world would like to  set up a Global Teacher Garden, learn how we can collaborate with you and plant a tree honoring you and your team.  #TeachersMatter #MothersMatter

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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Hi Sebastian,

This is a good proposal and we're looking forward to hearing from you and your students. Before I can accept this, can you please edit your proposal (use the OPTIONS button) and add the required conference tags as indicated in the call for proposals. Also, please add clarifying language as to what you will do in this presentation. This is currently a description of a project. Consider the following: What are you planning to cover? What might participants learn from your story? What resources will be presented? Are you inviting others to participate? 

Make some edits, and let me know when you're finished. I'll be happy to approve this session then.


Lucy Gray

Hi again Sebastian,

Thanks for making edits. You do not need to include the questions I posed; they are simply guides for you so that you can create a proposal that clearly outlines what you will present. We are not necessarily looking for a highly detailed description of your project; we are looking for a description of your session as it would appear in a conference program. Would you make one more attempt to edit this proposal and your second one and then I'll approve them?

Here are some examples of accepted proposals that may help you get a feel for typical conference proposals:



Dear Lucy,

Thank you. Please do instruct me to edit, if it needs any more improvements to pass GEC criteria.




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