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Kristin Hundt

Teacher. Learner. Global Citizen.

Content and Curriculum Creator

Project Explorer

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Project Explorer

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Katie Bielecki 

Inspired Educator
Content and Curriculum Creator
Project Explorer
Crash Test World

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East Lansing, Michigan, USA

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Target Audience(s):

Aspiring Global Citizens, Project Based Learners, Social Studies Educators, Middle and High School Educators, those implementing Social Emotional Learning tools

Short Session Description (one line):

Empowering our emerging global citizens to tackle some of the biggest challenges of their time utilizing Crash Test World: Israel episode hosted by Kari Byron. 

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Utilizing the Crash Test World episode “How do we create peaceful communities?” we will examine Israel through multiple lenses. Crash Test World is all about BIG ideas! In each video story, the host Kari, discovers how history, technology, culture and people come together to make their world- and ours- a better place. She seeks to find inspiring stories of people searching for solutions to some of the worlds biggest challenges. 

Each episode has explorations that coincide with the content. Throughout the session, we will:

  • launch by watching pieces the episode 
  • invite reactions and ideas for possible implementation from the participating educators 
  • share the corresponding content
    • Project Based Lesson and service learning invitations 
    • Community Meeting prompts
    • Socratic Seminar possibilities 
    • Cross-curricular explorations to utilize with students.

This is a SECOND opportunity to view segments of the show, discuss and give feedback, and dive into the educational content. There is also an accepted proposal to view pieces of the New York City episode: How do we make mega-cities like New York more livable?

We'd love to "see" you at both Crash Test World opportunities! 

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Kristin -

Hi Kristin-

I see two proposals that are the same from one of your colleagues. Did you intended this? It may be confusing to our attendees. I just accepted the other proposal and sent the acceptance email to Katie. My suggestion is that you delete this copy to avoid any issues.


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Got it. Can you please make it clear in this proposal which episode you will be addressing or that you will be focusing on a different episode than the other one? Perhaps you could use two different titles in order to differentiate. I'll accept this, but if you make an edits, let me know because it will be bounced out of the accepted proposals into the submitted proposals category in this discussion forum.


okay great! I will make some tweaks to differentiate right now!

Thanks so much,


It's in there now. Not sure what happened!


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