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How might we nurture an environment and culture to help students to have/feel agency to make change while also meeting the needs of students, teachers, schools and communities?


  • Creating a safe space for self awareness, vulnerability, humanity, transparency, and open-mindedness
  • Making the project relevant to stakeholders
  • Coming at the issue from a place of equality (as to not impose one's thoughts on another)
  • Acknowledgement of one's experiences and identity
  • Fostering the idea of agency and empowerment


  • Hiring staff with a growth mindset and relevant, effective professional development
  • Facilitation of comfort with change and keeping everyone on the same page
  • Using and creating student-driven curricula
  • Reinforcing the action behind the words- making sure that students have the platform for their passion and providing the space for follow-through

Prototype: Provide a staff development for PBL units;  teachers will implement these practices and the end goal is the implementation of student-driven lessons.


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