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Jennifer D. Klein
Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach
School or Organization Name:
Principled Learning Strategies
Co-Presenter Name(s):  NA
Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Colombia, South America
Language in Which You Will Present:  English
Target Audience(s):  
Teachers, Curriculum Director, Global Education Directors
Docentes, Directores de Programa, Directores de Educación Global
Short Session Description (one line):  
This session will explore effective ways to dig beneath the Fs of Global Education in order to elicit deeper learning and global experiences that offer a more nuanced look at what lies beneath the surface of culture.
Full Session Description (as long as you would like):  
Most global educators have a challenging relationship with the “Fs of Global Education.” The Fs, which include cultural facets like Food, Festivals, Flags and Fashion, are those elements of culture we can see most easily. There’s nothing wrong with exploring the observable aspects of culture, of course, but staying there can create superficial learning experiences, even leading to cultural misrepresentation and stereotypical assumptions about other cultures.  This session will offer practical strategies for using the Fs as an entry point for investigations and engagement which dig beneath the surface and develop a more nuanced sense of culture for students.
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Principled Learning Strategies:

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