DOTS Learning Method for Daily - Online - Task-based - Social language learning.

Your Name and Title:

Michael Henry, M.S.Ed, - E-Mentor, University of Missouri, Kansas City

School or Organization Name:

University of Missouri, Kansas City - UMKC

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Paulino Brener, Lead Native Language Facilitator, Cada Día Spanish.

Miriam Ramos-Warth, Native Language Facilitator, Cada Día Spanish.

Misha Castillo, Native Language Facilitator, Cada Día Spanish.

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

We will present from four countries simultaneously:  

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Berlin, Germany
  • DF, Mexico
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Language in Which You Will Present:  We will present in both English and Spanish

Target Audience(s):   MOOC Advocates,  Curriculum Designers, Administrators, Language Teachers.

Short Session Description (one line):  The Cada Día Spanish project is a new kind of social learning methodology, combining choice theory, flipped classroom and synchronous task-based learning.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Cada Día Spanish is a demonstration xMOOC, using a combination of strategies we call "DOTS - Daily, Online, Task-based, Social language learning.  It is a combination of pedagogy and technology to increase language speaking skill, cultural awareness and global citizenship.

There are no teachers in this program.  Students are encouraged to create short presentations based on daily activities, and to help each other refine the presentations.  Participants share these presentations in a live meeting with two native language facilitators, who provide feedback and support the individual and group language learning goals.  The daily activities may be repeated, refined and presented again.

Participants will review the presentations of other participants, sharing critical feedback, as well as learning from other participants.  The daily activities offer an opportunity to explore language learning, based on Choice Theory:

  • Canción - Share the lyrics and translation of a favorite song on YouTube
  • Diccionario - Share a word and sentences of a favorite word
  • Cuento Corto - Share a short story (with translation)
  • Verbos - Share a favorite verb and conjugations
  • Conversación - Share a conversation tip and dialogue
  • Viajes - Share a trip you would like to take or have taken
  • Familia - Share your relationship to your family and friends

We currently have over 1500 participants in the Cada Día project, which is running eight weeks on the Canvas Network.  We plan to collect data from the demonstration course, and determine the effectiveness of the DOTS learning method.  We will encourage others to review the live demonstration course, and we will ask for written reviews, which may be included in an academic paper, scheduled for publication in the Summer 2015.

The session will be completely interactive, showing actual participants completing DOTS  activities in a live session.  GLOBALEDCON Participants will be invited to create a presentation and share the activity with Native Language facilitators.  

Questions and comments will be encouraged throughout the session and a facilitated discussion of the responses will be included in at least 50% of the session time.

GLOBALEDCON participants wishing to submit a DOTS activity for this session are invited to visit the Google+ Community and post a response -

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Cada Día Spanish is running now on the Canvas Network.  We are seeking reviewers to consider the new language learning method.  Send an email to for an account in the online course, or just visit one of the Hangout Sessions;

-- LUNES - Join Webcast

-- MARTES - Join Tuesday

-- MIÉRCOLES - Join Wednesday

-- JUEVES - Join Thursday

-- VIERNES - Join Friday


Sorry to say I failed to post this in the discussion.  I am hoping it will be found in the reply.  Thank you.


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