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E.I. and Humanitarianism in Classrooms - 21st Century Learning and Citizenship Essentials

Your Name and Title: Sania S. Green-Reynolds ( Educator & School Leader in Training, Author, Professional   Development Strategist)

School or Organization Name: Education for Global Change

Co-Presenter Name(s): None

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Dubai, UAE

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): School Leaders, Educational Influencers, Teachers, Content Writers, Parents

Short Session Description (one line): Emotional Intelligence is a buzzing topic in education these days. While we teach students to engage in more emotionally intelligent thought processes, are we giving them opportunities to act on those thoughts?

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Mindfulness and empathy are two of the most popular buzz words in education these days. It is awesome that some educators are leading the charge in shaping the hearts, minds and emotional intelligence skills of today’s learners. While this is being done, greater focus must be placed on helping students actually become humanitarians on a mission to mitigate global crisis. In this session strategies and solutions will be shared with stakeholders – leaders, teachers and content designers that will inspire and prepare them to institute programs and opportunities for students to learn how to effectively and appropriately act on their E.I. thought processes, and take inspiring action s towards solving real–world problems. 

As we place greater focus on preparing students to be globally competent 21st Century citizens who are courageous to effect sustainable changes, we must provide them with opportunities to not merely think positively or be mindful, but to more importantly, be confident to translate their good thoughts into good deeds that will effect great change in society. We must challenge ourselves as educators to challenge students to become more active citizens of the world through learning, questioning, creating, and engaging in meaningful, authentic opportunities within a global context. This session will challenge, inspire and prepare stakeholders – school leaders, curriculum designers, teachers- to produce content and opportunities, and institute appropriate programs, opportunities and call to actions that will teach students how to be active humanitarians - psycho-socially fit and globally competent 21st Century citizens - who are prepared to make life-changing global impact in the world in which they live.

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