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Name: Pastor Jonas UWIMANA

School or Organization Name: Child Care Academy

Presenter name: Pastor Jonas UWIMANA

Area of the world from which you will present: Rwanda

Language in which you will present: English

Target Audience: Teachers and Administrators

Short session:  The history of Education in Rwanda and the impact of Early Reading

Long: Since 1995, the Rwandan government has worked closely with local and international nongovernment organizations to provide services to children. Different techniques have been proposed to improve educational services. But it was not until I connected with the Enabling Support Foundation.

I read that Early Reading was an alternative approach to phonetic decoding and children could start primary school already reading and writing.  But there was no budget for training.  Cynaidah Mideva from Kenya contacted me online.  She showed me videos of actual classroom use and now I will show you how much the children have learned in a very short time with only online outside support.

The audience will see Rwandan classroom tactics that emerged from the limited online teaching and want to share those techniques with the audience and ultimately the whole network.

They will see some videos of Rwandan classroom techniques including some intriguing findings that spelling becomes easier with Early Reading.

Learning in Rwanda affected by an organization in New York and a woman in Kenya.

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Deadline for proposals has passed. The original presenter for the version submitted has until tomorrow to edit it and submit it for review again 


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