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Robert Zenhausern

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The Enabling Support Foundation

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New York City and presenting African projects

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Teachers and administrators

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The audience will learn how education and slip gently into the 21st Century

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Our program, Education 21, emerges from three simple and logical changes.  Each is a unique solution, and an unexpected challenge to well entrenched dogma.

Replace Testing with Project Based Learning and Authentic Assessment.  A test tries to predict what the student will do in the future.  Authentic Assessment shows what the student can do now.  The most telling criticism of testing is that, with few exceptions, most tests are not standardized.  There is no standardization sample nor measures of validity and reliability.  All they have is face validity.

Replace arithmetic with estimation.  The 20th Century automated arithmetic.  In the 20th Century teach estimation for everyday calculations, when close is good enough.  Use a spreadsheet for exact answers in STEM subjects.  Much of what we call math phobia is arithmetic phobia.  Take arithmetic out of STEM and it will attract more students. 

The final and most important change is in the way we teach reading.  A baby understands the meaning of the spoken word even before he or she can speak, but it takes 5 years for the child to understand the meaning of the same word in written form.  That is an absurdity that is accepted without question.  The presentation will survey the history and theory of Early Reading and how children start primary school reading and writing.

Early Reading is the most developed of the three changes and the most important.  When children come to school reading and writing, they are ready to use reading and writing as tools.  This is typically in Grade 3.  Online communication has led to the spread of Early Reading beyond Kenya and Uganda and into Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, and more,

 The Enabling Support Foundation exists only in the Cloud and supports productive organizations on the Ground.  Our interface between Cloud and Ground is Office 365 which provides the infrastructure of the Peace Flame network.

A second purpose of this talk is to spread Early Reading.  It costs nothing, does not need special equipment, and easy to learn.  You will get a guest membership in Office 365.  If you are interested enroll at

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Thank you for your proposal and for bringing more African voices to the GEC. Several people have joined the network recently that I'm guessing are part of your network.

I am hoping that you can refine this proposal a bit and add language clarifying the goals of your presentation. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What will attendees come away with?
  • Is the primary goal to tell the stories of success related to your early reading program?
  • Are you looking for partners?
  • Are you looking for more members of your network?
  • Are you looking to engage in discussions with others regarding the goals of education? 

Feel free to take or leave these suggestions; I am just wondering if you can refine this so that your presentation purpose is clear. Spend a bit more time on this, and I'll be happy to approve your proposal.

Thanks Dr Robert Zenhausern for sharing.

Education for 21st century works and has been proved in East Africa.I have been part of the journey lets join hands,put our heads together to better Education across the world and reach to as many as we can.

Thank you so much for your efforts and support,
Through early reading 21eduction,am ready to work with you,as I do now,keep it up,
At masindi health development program nonprofit organization.
It is doing well in early reading 21eduction.
Thanks for your proposal.


You need to use the format/template we provided in the call for proposals!

Call for Proposals


Sorry, I just made the changes in Word and submitted them.  I think I have it right now


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