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Education for a Better World Imaginarium: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Global Education Lesson Plans

Your Name and Title:

Lisa Swayhoover, Ph.D.

School or Organization Name:

University of Maryland, College Park

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Washington, DC Metro

Language in Which You Will Present:


Target Audience(s):

Teachers, Curriculum designers

Short Session Description:

Results of a study that examined lesson plans available to teachers at the upper-elementary level to teach about global social issues and develop global competence with their students.

Full Session Description:

Lesson plans are used by teachers as a roadmap for planning instructional practice. Given the lack of preparation and professional development to design global education instruction, teachers often have to rely on lesson plans to teach about global issues available through sources such as NGOs engaged in development and humanitarian aid projects. This session will discuss the results of a study that collected lesson plans designed for children in the upper-elementary grades and used critical discourse analysis, a form of critical language awareness, to examine how the choice of topic, vocabulary, and the interplay of text with images create meaning (often unintended) and how this may be different depending on who says it and their particular concept of society.

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Hi Lisa,

Looks great.    If you tag this also with 2014EFA it will pop up when people do a search for GCE-related sessions.  I realize that the focus is on domestic education, but since you are part of GCE-US, I'm sure that some of our Coalition people will also want to know about the session.

Thanks Ed! I will tag 2014EFA. I plan to give some suggestions to NGOs on how they can construct teacher-ready lesson plans to support advocacy campaigns that also align to the Global Competence Matrix adopted by the Department of Education. Hopefully some classroom teachers will chime in and share their wish lists on how to make their jobs easier. 



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