Your Name and Title: Ms Condurache Marciana

School or Organization Name: Colegiul Naţional „Garabet Ibrăileanu", Iaşi

Co-Presenter Name(s):-

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Romania  

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Teachers

Short Session Description (one line): Multicultural classroom

The goal of multicultural education is not only to teach children about other groups or countries. It is also to help children become accustomed to the idea that there are many lifestyles, languages, cultures, and points of view. The purpose of multicultural curriculum is to attach positive feelings to multicultural experiences so that each child will feel included and valued, and will feel friendly and respectful toward people from other ethnic and cultural groups. One key to helping young children develop a sense of being citizens of the world lies with the early childhood teacher. The disposition exhibited by this individual in promoting everyone's culture will be the successful factor in the child's development of a multicultural perspective. Creating multicultural classrooms is a growing priority for all teachers and administrators. This includes restructuring the curriculum and classroom evaluation, but, more importantly, it includes embracing difference and opening up the classroom for communication.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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Dear Condurache,

Thank you for your proposal. Please edit your proposal and add language that connects to our mission: The Global Education Conference is not a general education. Also, please indicate the goals or objectives of your presentation and the benefits for participants of your session. See the following accepted proposals as examples:

Please edit this again and tell us what participants will gain in this presentation. What are your objectives for the attendees? What will you cover in your presenation? Your edits are an improvement, but it reads like an essay, not as a description of a presentation that you will give. Let me know when you are ready, and I'll review this again!




Please see my previous comment and add a bit of language that explains the objectives and goals of your presentation. I will accept it if you can make these changes!


Edits to your proposal need to be made by Wednesday, November 10th at 12 PM Noon CST or UTC/GMT-5 if you still would like to be considered for this conference. After this date and time, we will not be accepting any further proposals for the 2019 conference. Email Lucy Gray at when you are ready for your proposal to be reviewed again.  


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