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Your Name and Title:
Bob Zenhausern
CEO Enabling Support Foundation

School or Organization Name:
Education Special Forces

Co-Presenter Name(s):
Joshua Konkankoh, Cameroon
Better World Cameroon

Lucy Odhiambo, Kenya
Mobile Education for Live International

Katherine Bolman, Hawaii
Art and Art History

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
New York City, USA

Language in Which You Will Present:

Target Audience(s):
Teachers and administrators

Short Session Description (one line):
The session will present a global collaboration program in emerging countries

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Education Special Forces refers to an organization that integrates technology, software, and education to create and dynamically facilitate 21st Century Education anywhere.


  • The Enabling Support Foundation teaches online and provides resources for K-12 students, including the disabled. ESF guides teachers in using professional skills, provides resources for clinical services, individual special needs, and family support.
  • Shree Samarth Sevarth Sansthan is an Indian-based NGO whose goal is universal accessibility to Education. They have a center with 25 computers, teaching technical courses to persons with disabilities and have created a five computer network in a rural village.
  • New Xtended Software Solutions is the for profit counterpart of Shree Samarth and provides technical support for Shree Samarth projects.
  • Genesis Innovative Solutions is a for-profit networking company based in Trinidad and Guyana, providing networking and telecommunication solutions.

Major activities
Shree Samarth created and maintains and provides technical support for a 5 computer center which will be used as a school. The Enabling Support Foundation will provide continuing guidance to teachers on the use of telecomputing for their students.

Among others, ESF also supports:
• A government high schools in Senegal
• A business school in Uganda which supports a rural school.
• An advocate for sustainable agriculture in Cameroon
• A groups in DR Congo which helps disabled women.
• Another group in DR Congo which is an advocate of peace and conflict resolution.
• A school in Hyderabad, India that teaches children in poverty.
• A clinic for special needs children in Mumbai
• A school for rural children in Nepal
• We are developing a new career path of Specialist in Education and Technology.  Graduates of the program will help teachers integrate technology into their classes.
• We have created an Email group of African NGOs who can collaborate and we have given 4 of them domain names and hosting.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

Education Special Forces  Prototype website

Enabling Support Foundation  Resources for mainstream and special education

Educational Synthesis Website:  Resources for education

Peace and Conflict Resolution, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Springs Alive School, Uganda

Shukirya School, India

Better World Cameroon, Cameroon

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