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Kae Novak

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Tanya Martin, Vasili Giannoutsos and Chris Luchs

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United States

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You are invited to learn more about the ISTE EduMachinima Fest and how teacher are using it to assess, build 21st Century skills, and global citizenship.

Full Session Description:

So what is Machinima? Machinima is the portmanteau of the words - Machine and Cinema and is a product of 21st century skills. It is the screencapture and production of video from 3d games and virtual worlds. Gamers worldwide use Machinima to show their latest accomplishments, have fun or be entertaining. They also use Machinima as tutorials to change tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

This presentation will focus on how teachers have been using Machinima with their students to create authentic learning, experiences and assessments and to foster digital citizenship through global collaborative projects. In its fifth year, the EduMachinima Fest has global participation from both students and educators submitting their work in a variety of categories and languages. The Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments (SIGVE) invites you to attend this session to learn more about Machinima, the professional development for educators who would like to participate and the International EduMachinima Fest held on site and virtually at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference each year.

Useful Links:

ISTE Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments (SIGVE)

2013 EduMachinima Fest

ISTE SIGVE Google Plus Community

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