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This proposal does not follow our required format as outlined in the call for proposals.

Edits to your proposal need to be made by Wednesday, November 10th at 12 PM Noon CST or UTC/GMT-5 if you still would like to be considered for this conference. After this date and time, we will not be accepting any further proposals for the 2019 conferenece. Email Lucy Gray at when you are ready for your proposal to be reviewed again.  

This proposal is not accepted yet. I want to make sure we are clear on this.

1) You need to go to the OPTIONS button on this proposal page.


3) Copy and paste the format from the call for proposals in STEP 3. 

4) Fill in the the proposal template with your information and SAVE.

5) Email me when you are finished to let me know that you are ready for me to review it.

6). The deadline is in 7 hours at NOON CST (UTC/GMT-5). I will not accept proposals after this deadline; this is a firm deadline. 

Thank you!


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