Amplifying Student Voices Globally Via the Our Global Classroom What If Grid.

Your Name and Title: Bronwyn Joyce - Teacher/ Education Founder

School or Organisation Name: Our Global Classroom

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Australia

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): K - 10 Teachers 

Short Session Description: What if teachers innovated the curriculum by Globalising their classrooms

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): 

We live in a world where education depicts the future of its successors.

As educators, teaching allows us to change the lives of children, to make them worthy citizens; show them how to be empathetic and to prepare them for the future.

There is a big world just waiting to be explored. If educators don’t innovate the curriculum and integrate the world into their classrooms, some children will never, ever know there is actually a world out there that they can be part of.

I believe educators are not preparing students to be future ready. Learning is rarely connected to the real world. Students are lacking knowledge about the world around them and the opportunities available to them for the future. 

Every teacher and student should be aiming to achieve the United Nations Global Goals by 2030. So these goals should be integrated into classrooms all over the world. 

What if I could show you 40+ innovated global topics, linked to Sustainable Development Goals that could transform teachers classrooms? Amplify student voices, make direct links to the curriculum and globalise classrooms.

During the session teachers will be introduced to how I have innovated curriculum using Flipgrid and am amplifying students voices on real world topics. Teachers and students from classrooms all over the world are adding their voices to the Our Global Classroom What if... grid giving teachers assessment for students critical thinking skills. 

Teachers will learn about creating their own topics using the Look to Learn technique of planning and innovating a lesson. And be provided with resources and a free flipgrid trial promo code to trial flipgrid classroom for 45 days in their classrooms . 

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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This session looks really interesting.  I hope to attend if it is during my day or evening.

Lorraine it is 6am EST the scheduled time


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