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Larry Musolino

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Penn State University

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Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  
Allentown PA

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Target Audience(s):  
Global Educators, Math and Science Educators

Short Session Description (one line): 
Real World Global Challenges integrated into a MATH and Science Curriculum

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Students are increasingly aware of social issues and global challenges related to climate change, democracy, population growth, conservation of natural resources, human rights, poverty, infant mortality, etc.

As educators, we can demonstrate the relevance of educational initiative such as math and science proficiency to help address these global challenges.   Examples include scientific and mathematical modeling of climate change related parameters, modeling population growth using exponential models, extrapolating reductions in poverty over time to predict poverty levels in the future, etc.    By engaging students using technology and math and science related analysis, educators can motivate and encourage students to take an active role in researching and developing real world solutions to important and urgent global challenges.   Educators can also form diverse and global teams among students in different countries which share common issues and are motivated to develop joint solutions among students around the globe.   These types of inquiry based, real world analysis can demonstrate to students the need for global cooperation and the importance of math and science proficiency to address critical issues facing this next generation of students.

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