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I teach social studies in Ohio and I have been creating a global project for my students.  I have created this project with a computer teacher/speicalist in the high school where I teach.  We have developed a google group, wiki, ning and classroom management portal.  We are looking for students and teachers from around the world that would be interested in communicating and collaborating.  Our initial goal is for students to help one another raise global awareness, however, we are hoping this project will develop into a collaborative effort in the creation of something unique to share with students everywhere.  Are there any teachers involved in such a project or know someone who is?  I would love your feedback or interest.  If you want to know more about the specifics of this project, please let me know.  The bulk of our project has revolved around the participation in and the philosophy of the flat classroom concept - created by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay.

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We're up for anything really. We're looking for ongoing relationships rather than episodic ones. We already have links with other schools in our local area and with experts who help our kids in their inquiry learning. You can get a flavour for what we do here :


If you're interested in an ongoing relationship, let us know via




Hello Amy! 

I'm interested in knowing more.  My 10th grade World Studies students will be blogging all year about global issues and cultures of the world. I'm looking for other blogging classrooms for a feedback exchange and collaborative inquiries.  

My email is




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