Dear Global Collaboration Week Participants -

Global Collaboration Week starts in about a week! Various educators and organizations are designing and hosting events and projects for this celebration. Students, educators, administrators, parents, and organizations are invited to actively participate in these synchronous and asynchronous activities. Global Collaboration Week is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow your global professional learning network!

If you are planning on hosting an event during Global Collaboration Week, please submit your event soon! Our final email with event listings will go to community members on Friday, September 20. 

Also, encourage friends and colleagues to join our global collaboration celebration by sharing this flyer on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media: Consider forwarding this email to anyone who might be interested in participating. The more participants we have, the better! 

Currently, 384 people from about 50 countries are registered for Global Collaboration Week activities and approximately 190 schools and organizations are listed on our site. There are 24 events listed on our calendar. We expect these numbers to grow significantly in the coming days. We typically update our stats once a day on our website. 

Here are some important links for you:

If you have questions about specific events, please contact the event host directly!

Thanks and see you online soon,

Lucy Gray & Steve Hargadon
Global Education Conference Co-Chairs
Co-Founders, GlobalEd Events


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