Your Name and Title:   Mary Risner, Associate Director of Outreach

School or Organization Name:  University of Florida, Center for Latin American Studies

Co-Presenter Name(s):   Jennifer Manise, Longview Foundation,  Pre-service teachers at UF College of Education

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:   Florida, Virginia

Language in Which You Will Present:    English

Target Audience(s):   K-12 educator of any subject

Short Session Description (one line):  This session will promote the integration of global education content and activities into pre-service teacher curriculum.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): 


As  US schools become increasingly diverse, there is a need for teachers who are globally competent, understand other cultures and educational systems, and can use innovative teaching approaches that develop critical thinking, problem solving, and digital literacy in their students. This session  will begin by describing components of an elementary education course that integrates educational technology skills and global competence for pre-service teachers. The design and implementation of activities such as interactions with teachers in other countries, use of technology tools, and the integration of globally-relevant themes in course projects will be presented.

 The session will then feature the projects and experiences of pre-service teachers who were enrolled in the course. The pre-service teachers will share their reflections in two areas: a) the use of technology to connect classrooms across borders through a Globally Networked Learning Environment (GNLE) and b) their thoughts on integrating global issues into the elementary curriculum.


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