We are looking for classrooms to help our second graders author a global iBook about shelters around the world using the Book Creator app. We want to demonstrate how classrooms around the world can come together to publish something unique and creative, while learning from each other at the same time! Once the book is compiled, we will be publishing it to the iBook store so that students everywhere can learn about shelters around the world!

If you are interested in authoring this global iBook, please fill in the form below to submit a page that you and/or your students made with the Book Creator app.

To have your pages published in our iBook store version, please send us your pages by January 15, 2014.

THANK YOU for being a part of this global authoring project! If you have any questions, please email us at GlobalBook@avenues.org

*You can download the Book Creator for iPad app at

Global iBook Sign-up and Information: 

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Salamu alikum
Thanks for this nice project
I am using iBook on ipad every day reading Islamic books


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