Steve Hargadon, conference co-chair, leads a panel discussion on "Finding Truth: Global Information, News, and Media Literacy."

"We are supposed to be living in an era of unlimited information, but we also are discovering the degree to which propaganda, disinformation, manipulation, and fake news are very real forms of communication and even control. How do we sort through the news to try and determine what is true and what is false, what the competing agendas are, how to respect the complexity of particular issues, and why there are differing viewpoints on important topics? What are good cognitive, media, and educational frameworks for learning about and understanding what is going on in the world? What do we understand about why and how information is created, consumed, and controlled; and what are appropriate ways to teach students about this? And finally, what are the ways for the global education community to make a difference in respectful and intelligent dialog around the events of our time?"

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