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Globalizing the High School U.S. History Survey Course: Free, Collaborative, and Self-Paced Professional Development

Your Name and Title:  Craig J. Perrier  - High School Specialist, Social Studies; Adjunct Professor

School or Organization Name:
Fairfax County Public Schools, Northeastern University, and NCHE

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Virginia, United States of America

Language in Which You Will Present:

Target Audience(s):
High School US History Teachers, History Curriculum Specialists, and

Short Session Description (one line):

Globalizing the U.S.History Survey Course is an essential aspect of change in contemporary education addressed in these 5 free, online professional development modules for history teachers which prepares them to empower their students for a global, interconnected world.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Recent trends have called for the “globalizing” of American education.  This educational demand coincides with efforts in the history profession to broaden the parameters of United States history survey course. Combined, these two paradigm shifts have generated demand to construct and teach histories that are rigorous, relevant, and address college and career readiness in a global, interconnected world. Regarding history courses, Dominic Sachsenmaier, in Comparative Education, summarizes, “debates on how to internationalize or globalize historiography have greatly intensified. There is an effort to develop less western-centric narratives and to develop new, globally encompassing understandings of the past.” Globalizing history education, therefore, involves an “opening” of students’ conceptions of the past through expanded content, broader methodology, and units of analysis that go beyond the nation. Preparing history teachers to do this is integral to the longevity and success of global education.

This project, funded by rhe Longview Foundation in conjunction with NCHE,  addresses gaps in thought leadership and the scarcity of professional development programs dedicated to globalizing the U.S. history survey. It empowers educators to integrate global perspectives in their teaching through five self-paced, free, individualized, collaborative modules in Blackbosard’s Coursesites learning system. Through thesePD modules, teachers are involved in a collaborative network  of historians and educators. Participants develop and share instructional material, curriculum models, and assessment tools to be used in their classes. Moreover, teachers will have the theoretical basis to continue this practice.

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