Robin Worley, Ed.D.

Oceanside Unified School District

California, USA
Secondary teachers, administrators

High school journalism students can move beyond campus reporting to writing/producing relevant, in-depth articles or videos on global topics by interviewing teens around the world who are directly impacted by the issues through Skype, Google Hangout or email. 

In this session, I'll share the ways that I encouraged my high school journalism students to report on global issues that are relevant to their teen audience by reaching out to interview primary sources via online communication tools. This not only creates a more relevant and engaging online newspaper, but it also allows students to develop essential skills in communication and global citizenship. In addition, it helps the student audience understand how global events directly impact their lives, leading them to become more thoughtful and active global citizens.

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Hi Robin,

I would love to connect with you and feature some of your students' journalism stories at! I will be presenting about GSNN, the Global Student News Network, Wednesday morning.


Hi Rob,

I'd like to connect too, and I'll try to catch your presentation tomorrow. I'm no longer at SAS, so you would need to connect with the current journalism teacher/adviser for His name is Wayne Shackleford.

Good luck tomorrow!



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