Highlighting the participatory culture of continuous professional development through self-sustaining professional learning networks

Hanaa Khamis
NileTESOL PD Committee Chair
and Learning Technologies Special Interest Group (LTSIG) Co-coordinator

and Vance Stevens
Coordinator of EVO (Electronic Village Online)
and founder/coordinator of Learning2gether.net 

School / Organization Names:

Hanaa’s school/org:

NileTESOL, The American University in Cairo/School of Continuing Education (SCE/AUC)

Vance’s affiliations:

Learning2gether.net and Electronic Village Online (EVO)

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Hanaa Khamis

Vance Stevens

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Egypt and Malaysia

Language in Which You Will Present: English 

Target Audience(s): ELT educators, program leaders, teacher trainers

Short Session Description

This session aims at highlighting the benefits of experiencing participatory cultures in continuous professional development (CPD) among ELT practitioners by raising their awareness of the potentials inherent in working through personal learning networks (PLNs).

Full Session Description:

In this session, the presenters will share their experiences in creating several communities of practice which have crossed paths online and face to face. These communities have aimed to spread the culture of continuous professional development (CPD) among novice and more experienced ELT practitioners locally and globally. 

ELT practitioners can miss out on CPD for all sorts of reasons. One assumption is why need training when one has received recognized certification in teaching. Another is, with all the burdens of teaching, why overload oneself with extra hours of needless CPD. A third is it is such a luxury to consider training with the low pay teachers get. A fourth is how can one connect with those who provide free training opportunities.

The presenters have identified these and other issues that prevent ELT practitioners from benefiting from numerous training opportunities of which they are oftentimes not aware. As part of their passion, the presenters spend time and make relentless efforts to reach out and help practitioners join networks of various shapes and forms. 

Professional development in TESOL is not a one-time event in the career of ELT practitioners. As much as we ask our learners to be lifelong learners, the least we can do is be role models. CPD is a culture of its own requiring dedicated and passionate teachers. It is a reciprocal process of give-and-take; one time you are a participant, another time a trainer, and the cycle goes on.

Participants in this session will recognize the fundamentals of maintaining a CPD participatory culture. They will identify various ways to collaborate and create within the framework of personal learning networks (PLNs). Finally, they will suggest CPD principles appropriate for their contexts.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: 

Electronic Village Online (EVO) - http://evosessions.pbworks.com

Learning2gether.net - https://learning2gether.net

Nile TESOL home - https://www.facebook.com/niletesol/



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