Hi Presenters! 

This is a pretty exciting opportunity and I'd like to ask your advice in how to promote sessions. 

Our team will be providing a tutorial on an Adventure Learning global citizenship program, and I'm keen to maximise the time by ensuring we have an audience to present to! 

Any ideas or tips in how to engage others to attend and collaborate? 

I've posted on our twitter, FB, in our blog and will be sending out in a mail campaign to our subscribers. Other thoughts very welcome! 

Kind regards, 


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Hello Kristina,

Your announcement through social media is probably the best way to promote your session. I found asking others to promote through their networks as well to be helpful. Don't forget that all sessions are recorded so you will also be able to send your networks the link to watch your session at a later time as real-time attendance is dependent on participant's availability at that scheduled time. So this will also help maximize the reach of your presentation.

Thanks for being a part of this year's conference!

Noble Kelly

Advisory board member

Thanks Noble, great to know about the recording, thanks!! 

Cheers, Kristina 

Hi Kristina, my email updates alerted me to this discussion and I think it is an essential question and discussion point. Over the last two years I have sat in on sessions that only had the moderator and presenter in it and others where there has been more than 100 people in attendance. As Noble said, social media is the best means and you have certainly been active there. As I thought many more may be interested in this same discussion post, I have written a blog post elaborating on more pointers to run a successful session and maximiIng the best possible audience. You can read more at Maximizing an Audience for your Session. 

I live in Australia and my time zone is often not good for optimizing an audience. It will be interesting to read any further responses. Thanks for adding this great discussion.


Thanks Anne, super helpful! I will follow all you advice - it's a tricky thing to prepare for as the difference in facilitation of a session from 1 to 100 people is huge.

I would love to know what people want to learn before our session to help guide the approach, but there is also the thought that everyone is busy and may enjoy not having to 'collaborate' in learning, but be a recipient, a sponge ... as educators lives are so complex and demanding - maybe asking them to pre-think a session is a bit of an ask?

I'm hopeful though and will keep trying! 

To be honest I'm more keen to learn about if our program works or not in the eyes of a global education audience. I've put together a small survey on it, and after it is proofread by our editor would love to share and hopefully receive your valuable feedback there! 

Again, thank you so much Anne, a lot to think about. 

Thanks Ma'am Kristina for this initiative - very nice move.

We're so excited at the big day!

And we're so glad that our proposal has been finally accepted.

Praise be to God about that!

See you,

- Rolan

- Rosalina

- Lucila

Congratulations Rolando! And thanks for the response! :) 

Muchas gracias Ma'am Kristina for that wonderful word of encouragement!

Good day and God bless us all!

- Rolan

- Rosalina

- Lucil

Hi Kristina!

To expand your audience for the presentation beyond your current consumers, I'd suggest starting similar conversations to this one on other educational forums, blogs etc. If you're familiar with some of the popular hashtags around #EdTech and #EdChat, definitely join those live debates to create an opportunity to mention your presentation.

We'll be presenting on our product Gather Education for the 2012GETideas strand -- looking forward to hearing more about Adventure Learning! 

Thanks Liz!! 

Took a peak at Gather Education site - looks great!!! 

Thanks for your ideas and also looking forward to all the great topics, including yours, at the conference! 

Cheers, K

como promuevo mi exposicion:  www.micolegioenlanube.co ?  me ayudas?

Looks like a great site Cediel!

To help promote it, try the advice Nobel, Anne and Liz share above - also Anne wrote a post here: Maximizing an Audience for your Session. 

If the language is tricky, maybe try Google Translate? 

All the best! 


Hello Kristina,

Where is the complete schedule..?

thanks !


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