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Sasha Martin, Founder (plus loving mother & wife)


School or Organization Name:

Global Table Adventure


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Tulsa, OK


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Target Audience(s):

Those interested in learning about food around the world.


Short Session Description (one line):

Learn about my family's adventure to eat one meal for every country in the world.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):


We are two years into a four year project to eat a meal from every country in the world. The project has had tremendous response, having been featured on Martha Stewart's web site Whole Living and on NPR's Travel with Rick Steves. In my session I'll talk about the following:

- what finally got me to get off the couch and do something to make the world a better place
- project overview
- the success stories - what is working
- the challenges we've faced
- how you can benefit from our work


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Oh I am so excited that you put in a proposal! I'm the one who's bugged you on Twitter to submit. I really would like to highlight your work by having you be one of our 10 - 20 keynote speakers. Let me know if you are comfortable with this!



Thanks Lucy! So excited to be accepted - I would love to be a keynote (don't know if you saw my email). :)
Ohhhh I didn't seen an email from you. Can you shoot me another email and we'll get you set up as a keynote? My email is! . Totally excited. This means I actually have to start cooking decently for my children too... you'll be my personal inspiration!


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