Access to Quality education Opportunities, Good Health & Well-being for all.

Your Name and Title: Baluku Hannington Gift, Vice Chairperson
School or Organization Name: Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP)
Co-Presenter Name(s): Dr. Baluku Daniel Masindi, Executive Director
Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Ntoroko District, Western Uganda
Language in Which You Will Present: English
Target Audience(s): Mothers, Children, Teachers, Healthcare professionals & Non-For Profit Organizations

Session Strand (use the “tag”): "2019SDGs

Short Session Description (one line): Integration of Early Reading Education 21 and Good Healthcare, Well-being for all.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):


Availability of food in the families for children implementing Early Reading will promote attendance and
concentration on education, learning process & Early Reading hence improving early reading skills, health & well-being of child and their families.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will understand that Early Reading is an alternative way of reading which eliminates dyslexia and has children reading when they start primary.
  2. Participants will understand that Children deserves good healthcare and well-being to attend, perform well, concentrate & get momentum in learning centres for their education.

What we do

Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP) is a community based organization, provides community health promotion measures, safe motherhood interventions such as  Antenatal care, safe maternal deliveries, HIV counselling & testing, psycho-social support to OVC, integrated with advocacy for access to education opportunity for the community of Ntoroko district, Western Uganda. The advocacy for children to access quality education opportunity has been critical in whatever we do. Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP) has established Centres where early reading is being exercised. The parents are also learning how to read. We apply early reading Technics like engaging the mothers, children, and the teachers’ network. The use of words with real objects and making learning participatory has improved the learning for the children. Our children’s reading skills has improved. Our online activity i.e. Facebook, Peace flame network brings the Early reading Program through the office 365 platform with Enabling Support Foundation (ESF).

The same children who are applying the early reading Technics above have a right to be healthy, access and eat healthy foods for their cognitive development and boasting their immune system. Once they are healthy, they will be able to study well, attend their school activities, perform well in academic tasks. The integration of education opportunities and good healthcare requires engagement of community stakeholders, community decision makers, community Development Partners & consolidated efforts, change of attitude towards farming, Nutrition support and access to healthcare services so as to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 4 simultaneously i.e. Good Health & Well-being and Access to quality education opportunities.

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Everyone is invited to join our Peace Flame by registering at                        Enabling Support Foundation:                                                                                  Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP)






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Dear Baluku,

Thank you for your proposal; your work sounds fascinating. Can you please fix the formatting in the third paragraph of the full description section? Also, can you add a paragraph as to your goals for potential attendees of this session? What do you hope that they will come away with? What is the objective of your session?

Thank you,

Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair 

Thanks a lot Ms. Lucy Gray

we have taken time to go through the previous proposal and formulated this one above for re-submission. Thankyou.

Baluku Hannington Gift, BSc. Nursing Sciences KIU-WC

Vice Chairperson Masindi health Development Program (MHDP)

Ntoroko District, Western Uganda.


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