International Collaboration with Kindergarten,Elementary and Secondary students


I am looking for another schools around the world that would like to organize videoconferences and collaboration with  kindergarten, elementary and secondary students. Our school is a bilingual private school, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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I am the instructional technology coach at my school and may have a few classes that would be willing to collaborate on projects and/or video conference. 

-I have a 4th grade class studying the moon, sun, and earth. Do you have a class that might be willing to take pics for a week, compare the two pics, and have a discussion with our class at the end?

-Also, even though the Global Read Aloud project ended, I love the idea of reading a common book as a way to start a connection with another class.

Would love to know what ideas or goals you may have for working together! Feel free to contact me via email 


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