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INTERNET SUBSIDY - Hotspot Donations and $10/Month Wireless for Educators

This donation program is open to all public, private, and non-profit K-12 schools and universities.

With looming school closures due to COVID-19, nonprofits Mobile Beacon and Digital Wish have a major hotspot donation program available that can significantly increase remote connectivity for students and teachers.  Visit and get up to 11 hotspots per school. Discounted $10/month unlimited 4G LTE internet service is provided so that teachers and students can connect and work from anywhere in the coverage area.  With a lending pool of hotspots, students-in-need can access the internet to do their on-line homework assignments. Each hotspot can connect up to 10 people on the internet on only one plan.


Educators will receive low-cost, 4G LTE wireless Internet service from Mobile Beacon, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and second largest Educational Broadband Service (EBS) provider in the United States. Mobile Beacon has been licensed EBS spectrum by the FCC to support broadband use in schools and it has partnered with Digital Wish to make its new LTE device donation program available to schools throughout the United States.  If your schools have any connectivity issues, this subsidized service will allow you to fill the gaps with wireless hotspot donations. Schools can also start a Hotspot Lending Pool for students needing internet access at home.

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Hotspot Donations and $10/Month Wireless Access for Education- With looming school closures due to COVID-19, educators can request a hotspot donation at Digital Wish, then get Mobile Beacon's unlimited high-speed 4G LTE mobile broadband service for only $10/month. The donated hotspot ($70 value) has a 10 hour battery life and can connect up to 10 people to the internet. Use the hotspot to set up a lending pool that will provide equitable internet access for students and teachers. A one-time $18 admin fee applies for a single hotspot and $120 full year subscription must be paid in advance. Learn more and get your hotspots here. Bulk donations for setting up students lending pools are available here.

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Spread the word. School DONATION Alert - COVID-19 school closures. Teachers can get donated hotspots and $10/month unlimited wireless at

Educators Get Hotspot donations and $10/month unlimited wireless for schools available at

Students and teachers get connected at home. Hotspot donations and $10/month unlimited wireless at


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