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Introduce Yourself - Getting to know eachother - (iEARN Members) 

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Hi everyone!  This is so exciting that we are going to have a conference where all iEARN members can participate.  I look forward to getting to know the network's teachers and students better through the presentations.

I have worked with iEARN-USA for 10 years doing professional development and other things.  I am partly retired now and living on the coast of North Carolina working part-time for iEARN-USA from my home.  I was a high school media coordinator (librarian) for many years and then worked with the University of North Carolina system to connect rural schools in the state with schools around the world.

Let us know about yourself!

Nice meeting you Diane, have a nice day!

Hi Diane, it is good that all are here and see my old friends. How are you?

Hi Shukufa,  Doing great, enjoying my summer in North Carolina.  Enjoy your summer break.

thanks dear

Hi Diane,

How are you ?  I'm Magda from Egypt  (Teacher Trainer) I  was with Sahar and Ahmed in Taiwan .


I wish to meet you and my dear teachers trainers  again to do more for iEARN  as this year i've attended  two international conferences one of them was Arabian TESOL Conference in Dubai as i represented Egypt to be there and i gained a lot of experiences  there and i wish to pass this to all my colleagues every where so i'll try to pass some on forum .

 I need to know the news  about Master Teachers and it is a very good opportunity to meet again .


Magda Fouad


Hi Magda!  It is great to hear from you!  Perhaps some of would like to a presentation reflecting on your Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts Master Training experience. 


Hi Diane ,

  You are right . Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts Master Training conference was the most wonderful ,  fruitful and important  Training for me as It is the first thing i mention everywhere and made me very proud and confident .   I  wish  I can  meet you with  this  great  company   again .


I'm Yasser Alaa. 19 years old freelance photographer based in Egypt. I'm Media Mentor at iEARN Egypt. 

Nice to meet you.
Regards from Egypt !!

hello! i am adli attamimi from indonesia. 19 years old. I am very interested in following iern because I want to have lots of friends and experiences that I can for my country. I hope I can get a lot of experience in iearn. thanks.

Hi All,

Here is Betty Burgos from Suriname. I am already 10 years in iEARN Suriname. As a board member it is great to be a part of this global family. I have taught for more than 40 years and now trying to enjoy my retirement with working hard for iEARN in my country. Okay, that's for now my introduction.


Chris Baer, art & technology teacher from Oak Bluffs, MA, USA.

Really enjoyed past iEARN conferences in Morocco, Canada, and Taiwan, as well as the 2010 (virtual) Global Education Conference.

Looking forward to November!


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