My name is Emily Holdman. I run a venture called The Remarkables, which connects communities (i.e. a school or class) around the world with Remarkables (i.e. inventors, Olympians, entrepreneurs) for 45-minute live interviews via video stream. Instructors are able to humanize concepts (i.e. Have a Top Chef All-Star explain the value of geometry, physics and chemistry), and the students are able to walk away feeling as though they personally talked with these people.

We firmly believe in democratizing access to remarkable people, so we do our best to keep the associated costs low. Organizations can expect to pay $100 to $3,000 for a Remarkable interview, depending on organizational type and the Remarkable being sought after.

My intent in joining the Global Education Conference site is to ask for feedback on what types of series would best benefit your curriculum and students. We are constantly researching new Remarkables and want to ensure that the themes they represent add value to your educational objectives in the classroom.

To what types of people or stories would you like to directly expose your students? Nutrition? Entrepreneurship? General adventure? Cultural awareness? We want your ideas!

As an example, we have created a STEM program, which includes inventors, the archaeologist who excavated the Donner Family campsite, a Top Chef All-Star, the physician behind the Nutritional Valuation Index (NuVAL), and more. Schools are implementing it both for in-class curriculum augmentation and school assemblies. The objective, of course, is to show what learning subjects like chemistry, algebra, etc. can equip you to do later in life. A PDF on this series is attached.

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