Invitation to collaborate on AskOwls - global learning platform

Hello Global Educators,


I would like to invite you to use our newly released learning platform   The platform is open to all to use, our intent is to observe how the users are using it and try to improve it as we go along. 

Couple of sentences describing the platform: startup originated from a few lofty goals:

- Make online learning social and participatory:  We believe that learning is a social act. 

- Tear down the geographical barriers of who you learn with and who you learn from:  Connect people who share interests regardless of their location.

In its current (beta) implementation AskOwls enables live virtual classrooms via browsers and  webcams.  The classes are scheduled by the instructor with the group attendance limited to 10 (plus the instructor) to allow for manageable environment.  All participants can see and communicate with all others in attendance, and there is the additional text chat window for participants to communicate. The classrooms have the shelf  that could store documents (.doc, pdf,...) to be used during the conversation.  

I would love to hear your comments on how you're using it, how to improve it, how else (if we expand the features) you could use it.



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