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Challenge your students’ in their understanding of Scientific Research and Biodiversity with the European Scientific Research Game, an online game for students from the age of 10 years.


The European ‘Research Game’ will inspire and teach your students the value and methodology of scientific research through a biodiversity game.


The game has two phases and schools can decide to participate in one of both phases:

  • Phase 1. Carry out a research project’ - students will complete a scientific research in their schools and report online – open until the April 5 2014
  • Phase 2. An online competition – the final step of the project, teams challenge each other to be the best in playing an online video game. April 29th 2014


You can see much more about the game at:

About the project


The Research Game project will motivate secondary school students by replicating the excitement of scientific research. The Project has created an Internet-based game to develop an understanding of research work and to teach best practices.


In the game students will collaborate internationally across Europe, to build hypotheses, research and test the validity of their hypothesis and finalise a theory based on their findings. Students will be expected to share their research findings with other groups.


Your students will learn in a fun and engaging way the logical thinking and deductive reasoning typical of the Scientific Method, core skills not only required for science, but in all their futures.


If you need more information please write to:

Project website :

The research game platform:

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