DescriptionSession Title:  #IssuesInRealTime: Student conversation on Gender and Ethics


Your Name and Title:  Sean Terwilliger, Dean of Global Initiatives & CTO

Your School, Library, or Organization Name:  Chatham Hall School

Your Twitter Handle (@name): @seanterwilliger

Name(s) of Co-Presenter(s):  Deborah Glymph


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  USA, Virginia

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience:  students, teachers and otherwise interested parties


Short Session Description:  A student led conversation on the state of gender, ethics and equity in the world.

Session Strand (use the "tag"):  2017students

Full Session Description:  Chatham Hall, an all-girls boarding school in Virginia, will facilitate a discussion, live on the internet, with any middle or highschool of any gender balance that wants to participate. This is a video conference session, so audio and video will be helpful. We can take chat requests, but those will be limited.

This will be a student led conversation. The format will be conversational rather than ‘report-based’. The core topic will be 'Climate Change', but that can include any perspective on those words. The changing climate of the world (temperature, religion, gender, war, etc), the changing climate of our schools, the influx of technology, popular media, news etc. For this session (see schedule for others), the primary topics will be on the climate of gender relations and global ethics.

We invite you to join us, whenever you can and for however long you’d like! Our hope is to make this a monthly (or more) gathering, to facilitate relationship building and intercultural understanding.

The overall purpose of these sessions is to give our students global insight into the workings and thoughts of those in other areas of the world. What do we think about and why? How does our place on the planet effect our thought process? Why do we fear that which is different?

Link to GlobalEdCon Session Proposal (full URL with http://):  <a href="" target="_blank">

Other Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:  

Your Bio:  Sean Terwilliger has been working in boarding schools, both US and abroad for nearly 20 years. This year he's thrilled to add the global perspective to his litany of duties.


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