KIDSCODA - simulating communication of marine mammals as introduction to primary school coding

Your Name and Title: Federico MONACO, Ph.D.

School or Organization Name: University of Parma

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Italy, Europe

Language in Which You Will Present: english

Target Audience(s): kids, teachers, citizens, experts

Short Session Description: simulating communication of marine mammals in primary classes can be a way to involve kids in understanding and advocating for the preservation of oceans and marine life as well as a mean to introduce them to coding.

Full Session Description: The idea of code meant as a shared experience to build a collective identity within a group of kids. The design include a meeting with children with a brief introduction to sea mammals, a listening session to spermwhales coda according to recent studies from recordings, a hands on with some DIY hydrophones to play water, simulation of communication of a pod of spermwhales, a introduction to scratch and to coding. The project is open source and can be used, downloaded and forked for further improvements and contributions by anyone. By such project i hope to inspire other teachers and educators in the world in adopting "hands on" learning sessions to explain hard science concepts about marine biology and bioacoustics, but also about communication and simulation in a shared context.

Last discoveries about dialects (codas) of spermwhales and the evidence of the existence of the giant squid can bring insights and curiosity about the underwater world to kids everywhere in the world for a better understanding and development of a global citizen science and ecological consciousness. Nonetheless simulating codas by playing water amplified by hydrophones is so intuitive and transcultural and can be used as icebreaking for new groups and classes.

The learning experience is designed to inspire and bring kids to basic awareness about and by an intertwining of technological innovation, life in the seas and STEAM experimentation. The aim of the project is to relate them to global issues and priorities included in the Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular:


Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

I thank Racagni elementary school in Parma Italy for the support of the teachers during the early test with children that could listen to spermwhales' codas, play music with water and ....touch the terrible almighty Moby Dick's tooth.

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Dear Frederico, 

Thank you for your submission! 

Please edit your proposal and add language that ties your work to global education. See our mission for what our conference is about: Perhaps you can link this to the SDGs?


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Dear Lucy,

thanks for your comment.

I have improved the presentation. I'll work more on it in the coming days if it doesn't fit still the parameters and mission of GEC.




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