There is a great list of language learning activites that I have put together. I am always looking for more ideas so if you have a great idea that is not on the list, let me know.  These activities are focused on helping independent, self-directed language learners but can also be used in the classroom.  Let me know what you think.

Language Learning Actities

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Thank you for the resources you've provided. I'd like to suggest another tool I've recently found. Quizlet, , is great for vocabulary. It has text to speech engine that I found to be quite accurate for Spanish. Another great thing about Quizlet is that it is one the most popular in its category so many users already created sets of flash cards that you can use. I think teachers can publish their own set of flash cards for each chapter or monthly so each student can practice at home. 

I use google translate to see what my Russian friend is saying on his Facebook. Tried commenting in Russian using the google translate. He tells me that it sound funny. Actually, I am not even trying to learn the language and I cannot even pronounce Cyrillics. For casual use, I think google translate is great especially if the other party knows you don't speak the language. It's a great communications tool. But I have doubts of its effectiveness when using it to learn a language.



Thanks for telling me about Quizlet. I'll add it to the site.  Looks pretty helpful!


Not really a course, but I do offer the Ten Week Journey, a free email searies that walks learners into the life of the independent, self-directed language learner. You may find it helpful.

Hi Aaron,


Great idea! Self-directed learning is essential and teachers need to actually teach self-directed learning. Personally I use the term self-reliant learning and there is now a packet of projects focusing on the issue. Please se >>>


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