Learning WITH the World: K-12 Global Art Exchange; Classroom Conversations with the World; Songs Around the World

Your Name and Title: Paul Hurteau

School or Organization Name: OneWorld Classrooms

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Andover, MA, USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience: K-12 Educators

Short Session Description: Learn three ways your class(es) can learn WITH the world this school year: The K-12 Global Art Exchange; Classroom Conversations with the World; and Songs Around the World.

Full Session Description: Through OneWorld Classrooms' three core programs, K-12 classrooms learn WITH the world, not just about it. Since 2009, over 53,000 students from 78 countries have participated and another 500,000+ have seen our art displays in their schools.

Classes participating in our K-12 Global Art Exchange physically or digitally exchange original student art with multiple classes around the world, gain access to our online Interactive Global Student Art Tour, and optionally complete a follow-up VoiceThread with a global partner class.

In our Classroom Conversations with the World program, classes select a curriculum-based topic, submit “conversation starter” files, and conduct a VoiceThread conversation about the topic with a global partner class of the same grade range. 

Through the Songs Around the World program, classes are matched with a global partner class of the same grade range and each class teaches the other one song (in any language) inside a secure VoiceThread.

In all programs, we match global partner classes, set up the VoiceThreads, and provide an orientation, specific guidelines and support.

In this session, you will get all the details and learn how your classes can participate this school year.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: https://www.oneworldclassrooms.org

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