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Your Name and Title:  Mrs. Maha Hassan 

School or Organization Name:   Maha ESL Community 

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:   Egypt

Language in Which You Will Present:    English 

Target Audience(s):   Teachers , Teacher Trainers, Supervisors

Short Session Description (one line):  

As Students' online cultural exchange is possible, so is Teacher Lesson Jamming Exchange as well !!

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):   

As Students can meet online to enjoy cultural exchange, we did it with Teachers as well. Teachers seek Professional Development, they would like to learn more about other teachers' work around the world and meet other colleagues, so Tom Heaven came up with this idea of Lesson Jamming. He started it at IATEFL Manchester, moved to Germany with. Then we started working with him through  a group of teachers in Berlin and later on with another Group in China. Through my Presentation I will speak about  What is Lesson Jamming? How does it go? How do teachers cooperate through it? What benefits do they get?  This idea of Lesson Jamming exchange added a lot to the different teachers on both sides and encouraged others to do the same whether online or f2f to help teachers in different parts of the world enhance their skills and achieve Professional Development. 


Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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Please elaborate further in your full session. How will this session impact the goals and ideas outlined in our mission statement? Your description needs to be more detailed in order to attract participants. 

Lucy Gray



       I have revised your mission statement and added more explanation to the idea of the session. Hope this works. 

     Maha Hassan 

 Dear Lucy, 
       How are you doing? Thanks for accepting my Presentation. I have done all the steps required, yet I can't find my Presenter Link in the Presenter-Moderator Page. Is it still in process??
Thanks a lot 
 Maha Hassan 
 Founder/Ceo of Maha ESL Community 
 Head of English Dept. at Arab Academy for Training Technology

   Help    Help  I can't get on my session even on the backup link !!!!

DId you join the presenter's group as instructed in the email we sent you? We've been sending links to members of the presenter's group for many days now with all the information you need. It is not a good idea to wait to the last minute on this!!!!

Please go to, find the presenter's group on the front page, and look for the moderator links!

 منتظرين ومتابعين

سعيد الفزاري من عمان

بالنسبة للدرس التعاوني والتشويش هنا عدة أسباب لحدوث التشويش منها :

عدم وضوح فكرة العمل والشروط لدى الطلاب .

عدم فاعلية العمل وجودة صياغته .

عدم تناسب العمل التعاوني مع الوقت المتاح له 

الإدرة الصفية الضعيفة للمعلم


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