My co-teacher, Christine, and I run a fifth grade (10 year olds) global awareness club after school. Our goal is to expand the horizons of our students, getting them to understand that, as world citizens, they have an obligation and responsibility to be aware of the rest of the world and help where ever they can.

We have been quite successful with having people skype into our club to discuss their situations. Live blogging and regular blogging have helped solidify ideas. So far, we had a friend from Israel (thanks Susan) and a member of Teachers without Borders Canadian (thank you, Sharon). We have also researched and started a collection for the Australian brushfire situation.

Now we are looking for others to come talk to our students. Perhaps someone can discuss why we need to even care about Global issues. Afterall, we do tend to be very Americentric in the US and we would love our students to break out of that mold. Maybe someone has had a unique dealing with a situation in the world to which our students can learn and add information. Any other ideas?

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Lisa, are you and Christine aware of the Oxfam Global Citizenship resources? I think they are great and should give you some ideas. Their Cool Planet for Children will probably have activities the students will enjoy as they learn to be globally aware.
Hi Lisa,
I know some teachers in different countries that may be interested in joining your discussions. They are not active on this site so how can they reach you if they want to participate?

They can email me at collaborative at herricks dot org. Christine (my partner) and I both receive those emails.


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