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Looking for journalist who can publish article about school

About Takshila Education


This is true story about myself in this youtube video.


This is a place of hope for those thousands of children whose future would not be defined by their background, caste, religion or economic status, but with their hard work  they will write their own future. There futures will be unlimited and Takshila education will provide the platform for these children to fulfill their dreams.


Takshil Education Founder

A  student has to travel miles every day to get better education, which is very costly. Common families rarely see their child’s dream of having a quality education. Families sacrifice even basic necessities to provide a better life and education for their children; their dream is still too far out of reach.

One student among many, R. Kumar, set out to change this trend; he broke through this cycle and completed his high school education. This was a life changing accomplishment and an inspiration for many students. He attended a private high school by sitting in an empty back seat, with the help of the school’s principal. There were times he did not have winter clothes or even shoes to wear during the cold winter months. As there was no electricity at his house, he studied outside using the street lamp. Even while working as a brick kiln factory worker at the age of 15, his determination was never shaken. After completing his high school education, he went on to finish his professional education. Rajesh is now striving to achieve his second mission in life, which is to build this school so that other families can have the opportunity to see their loved ones receive a good education and become successful.


R. Kumar, though born to an illiterate family, is a technocrat and has worked with leading national and international companies. Despite his lack of resources growing up, he has reached top level jobs. In order to bring excellent education to this village, he started the Takshila Education Project. He always reaches out to education institutes while working in six countries around the globe. He would like to give an opportunity to thousands children who do not have hope. His dream is to provide hope to these children through access to exceptional education. 

This is a community project that has contributors from all walks of life who are excited to give this school to the community. We can see the excitement of locals, through their actions. The village has already donated ten acres of land for this cause, which is a major milestone for this project. There are many people, nationally and internationally, who are ready to become part of this mission.



As you might be aware of that 60% of the population in India lives in villages. Takshila Education plans to transform peoples’ lives through education and by addressing people’s basic need for food and shelter. Continuous draught and floods in the country have caused farmers to change farming methods that cause them to remain in a cycle of poverty unless a sustainable framework is provided to them to overcome the challenges.


Takshila Education will empower local people with their own resources by providing them the latest technology, tools, education and guidance.  Takshila Education aims to give them a fair opportunity and enable them to get maximum returns for their hard labor so they could change their lives



About School


Takshila Institute will be located 90 km from the nation’s capital, New Delhi. Village Abidpura donated 10 acres of land for the construction of this school. Our goal is to create a role-model school that can be replicated throughout the region. The school will provide education from kindergarten through secondary, with a total of 3000 students studying in three shifts.

Takshila Institute will be operated by nonprofit; Taskshila Education Trust. There will not be any operating expenses of this trust and money will be spent and administered exclusively by the school. All the members of this trust are volunteers and will not use school funds for personal purposes. We are a very honest and dedicated organization that aspires to bring the opportunity for world class education to the doorstep of this community.



Bringing hope to the people through education

Most people live on less than $1.25 per day in this area. The dream of seeing their beloved children receive an education is out of reach for most residents. Most of the children never have access to quality education because the region lacks the resources to provide widespread education opportunities.

Many children work on farms or in small scale industries as child labor. Education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty that these families have been trapped in for generations.


A student has to pay high fees and travel miles every day to get better  quality education. Common families rarely see their Childs dream of having a quality education become any more than a dream. Families sacrifice even basic necessities to provide a better life and education for their children; still, their dream is too far to be achieved. We would like to give an opportunity to the thousands of children who do not have any hope. With this project, we will change the futures of thousands


Our mission


Our mission is to bring world class education to the door step of impoverished children in order to improve the socioeconomic well-being of the region. Takshila Institute is based on the idea of Dewey’s education theory which states that education and learning are social and interactive processes. We would provide students with hands-on and experience-based learning opportunities. Thus the teacher becomes a partner in the learning process, guiding students to independently discover meaning within the subject area.



Idea behind school


This area is located 100 KM south west of the nation’s capital, New Delhi. It is an area which was neglected for years due to lack of irrigation and employment opportunities. Most people in this area depend on agriculture to survive. This area provides an ideal opportunity to improve the lives of children by providing access to education. The students will not only improve their own lives, but also their families. Most people have hand - mouth existence. With reduced and infrequent rainfall, the lack of an irrigation system has led to hardship for these agricultural families.

Please visit school website



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