Hi All -

I'm looking for translators of these pages/documents:

Call for Proposals:


Press Release:


I'm in particular need of translations in Spanish, but would be very happy if we had copies in many other languages as well. I've asked one person to translate into Spanish and I'm waiting for a reply, so I may have Spanish covered. I am not sure yet. 

Ideally, one will start a Google Doc, put the translated material into it, and then share it with me. Word documents are fine as well. I'm looking to have these documents ready to publish on our web site within the week if possible. 

Please let me know if you can help! 


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair 

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If you are in need of translation in Arabic, I can help and do that. Just let me know.

Yes, Mohamed! I would love an Arabic translation. Can you take the text I provided and put it into a  Google Doc or Word doc in Arabic?

Thank you so much!!!

Hola Lucy!

 In case you have specific pages which have not yet been translated into Spanish please let me know, I can help you with some translation.


Hi Teresa -

I would LOVE some help with Spanish translations! Someone was supposed to do it, and didn't get back to me with anything.

In order of priority (and if you can't do all of this, I totally understand):

1. I'd love for this to be available in Spanish: https://www.smore.com/40q3w-getting-started-at-globaledcon-2014. If you just translated each section, I can paste the text into a new flyer on S'More.

2. I'd also love this translated, but it's a lot longer, and if you don't have tie, I understand.


Thank you SO much!


OK Lucy, I'll do the Smore flyer for sure and send it by Sund 9 Nov... It will be a lot faster and accurate if there is a way for you to share a copy of the flyer with editing permissions...??? I use smore... or a google doc?

Happy to help!


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