Looking to connect with a middle school classroom, or person, that has experienced a natural disaster.  As a group we are looking for the emotional, physical, financial tolls of a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, wildfire, mudslides, etc. We would be able to share about our experiences with tornadoes and how we have experienced them and the drills that take place within our schools.  We would also like to collaborate together to determine the cause and effects of different natural disasters.

We hope to accomplish a better understanding of different natural disasters that occur globally.  We basically experience tornadoes. 

Hoping to connect soon!  

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The more details you can provide about a possible project, the better! I'll be happy to push this out on our social media channels if you add more info on what/who you are looking for and what you hope to accomplish. You can edit your post using the OPTIONS button in the upper righthand corner.


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Thanks for your help!  I hope I have included enough detail.  :-)  Hoping to connect with a group!


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