Using New Media to Solve New Challenges in a Connected World



Your Name and Title:   Ken Morrison

Assistant Professor of New Media and Global Communications


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Linton Global College, Hannam University, Daejeon, South Korea 


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Asia - Daejeon South Korea


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 Media teachers, Communications or Marketing Teachers, English Teachers


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A small team of college students are connecting and collaborating with global alumni and international students to broaden their world-view and and to improve campus morale through student-led advertising projects.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Do your marketing or media students recognize the power of social media?  Sure, they have seen the charts about how quickly Facebook and Google+ are growing. They may understand that it is good to be at the top of a Google Search rank. But do they truly understand how to use these tools to connect and create change?  A small group of Students at Linton Global College in Daejeon, South Korea are applying the knowledge that they learn in their text book with their real life current problem of competing for student recruitment in a country with higher ed financial concerns and rapidly declining birth rates.  

The focus of this presentation will be on how South Korean college students from three separate courses are using student-centered, project-based learning for connecting current and past students from around the globe in the spirit of creating dialogue, connecting and change.  The desired change in this context is a greater awareness of the world for the students who have not studied abroad yet.  They do this through our interactive discussion forums that focus on international topics.  The second important change is the desire to improve morale of students on campus by sharing positive stories on campus.  Sharing these stories strengthens connections with past students and has attracted online visitors from 16 countries in the first 8 months.  Students do this by embracing the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning skills as well as Media & Technology skills.  Students are taking ownership of this new platform to improve their current learning environment as well as learning important career skills that will help them upon graduation.

The efforts of the students have dramatically improved our SEO ranks and our college’s online presence.  They study the changing numbers weekly and make plans on how to sustain and grow their online audience.  More importantly, students have improved their writing, communication & collaboration skills, as well as their critical thinking and media production skills.


I am proud of my hard-working students and I am happy to showcase how these bright students are using new media to collaborate and formulate creative solutions to new challenges in a connected world.

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I may possibly get students’ permission to share their personal  promotional pages on

Here are my slides:

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