For all those who tutor online, what do you consider to be 3 of the most challenging online issues which course designers and tutors face?

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1. Students who disappear without warning from the course.

2. Students who don't clearly articulate their questions, so that a barrage of emails becomes necessary to respond to simple concerns. 

3. Students who don't take the time to figure out how an online section is organized, and ask for repeated handholding throughout the semester whenever they don't see a file at first glance. As an instructor, I want to support everyone;s learning, but there are some students who cannot be bothered to even open the calendar to view the detailed informaiton; they will shoot the instructor an email or worse call about three times per week about a due date or assignment, rather than taking the time to peruse the course section. I understand the necessity to ensure that all students understand the course system at the beginning of the semester or to respond to questions about a new assignment, but the repeated requests by about 4 students in a class every week, are troubling and time consuming.


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