Online Model United Nations: MUN 2.0 and the Digitally Connected Delegate

Your Name and Title: Lisa Martin, Director/Co-Founder
Organization Name: O-MUN Online Debates
Co-Presenter Name(s): McKenna Tucker (USA), Ugbad Kasim (Somalia), Chris Bishop (UK) and Nadine Fattaleh (Jordan)
Country from Which You Will Present: Jordan
Language in Which You Will Present: English
Target Audience  High school teachers and students

Short Session Description:Learn how to participate in the world's first online MUN Program, and to be a part of this globally connected community.

Full Session Description 

Online Model United Nations (O-MUN) has grown, in a year's time, from a small group of students participating in monthly online debates to the most innovative Model UN program in the world. This free program, open to any student with internet access, has spread to countries such as China and Guatemala, Qatar and Zimbabwe, the USA, UK, Somalia, Singapore, and a dozen more. Almost entirely student driven, this global community plans and executes global and regional debates in a Blackboard Collaborate classroom, networks on Facebook, and uses Twitter and a research and discussion tool. Central to O-MUN's vision is the ability to democratize and innovate Model UN, to empower students and schools to act as leaders, and to deliver O-MUN  to students who have had no access or exposure to this academic program before.

This session will explore how you can become part of O-MUN both as a participant and as a leader, and how the O-MUN community can be a window onto a larger, digitally connected world.

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Your progress seems terrific!

Dear O MUN

My kids have recently started homeschooling where their access to these kinds of activities have stopped. I am very excited to join your session and learn how it works.

Clare Diederichs

Hi Clare,

How old are your children. I am running both a middle school program (housed on Edmodo) and the high school program, which is growing by leaps and bounds. we have a new website at  and at We are actually holding a rather large debate tomorrow at 13:00 UTC. Please feel free to stop by. Simply log in as a guest by using this link: If you can stop by even for a short time, it will give you a feel for how this programs works.



Hi Lisa, to expand the reach of this session, you might want to add the 2012students and 2012teachers tags. Cheers.


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