Your Name and Title:
Tina Vasquez, Teacher

School or Organization Name:
Charlottesville High School and University of Virginia

Co-Presenter Name(s):
CHS students in “Becoming a Global Citizen” course and UVA students in "Multicultural Facilitation" course

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Virginia, US

Language in Which You Will Present:

Target Audience(s):
Teachers, Students, and Administrators interested in creating a course on Global Citizenship.

Short Session Description (one line):
Learn how Charlottesville High School’s Global Citizenship course works to unite a diverse population through discussion, critical reflection, and direct social action.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):
This session will feature a panel discussion of the “Becoming a Global Citizen” class at Charlottesville High School, which is based on human rights education and student-initiated social action. High school students in this class will share their experiences and insights about studying human rights and social justice issues both locally and globally.

The “Becoming a Global Citizen” course was designed through a partnership between high school teachers, parents, university professors, and graduate students as part of an education rights project. Through an affiliated university course, undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with faculty members to design and facilitate lessons for the “Becoming a Global Citizen” course, working alongside high school students to discuss contemporary human rights issues such as segregation, sustainability, poverty, immigration, and workers’ rights.

Over the course of the school year, university and high school students work together to explore their own ideas about social justice issues such as racism, inequality, and sustainability, and to develop ideas and action projects for how we can work locally to support a more fair and just society.

In the spring semester, the “Becoming a Global Citizen” class will focus on collaborative social action projects. High school and university students will work together to research a human rights issue, reach out to community members and non-profits, design and conduct interviews, and develop an arts-based social action project.

By sharing a diverse group of students’ experiences related to this class, this presentation will contribute to the conference’s discussion of how students can engage with social justice issues both locally and globally.

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What a creative, engaging class! I'm so glad to see education like this these days!

Thanks Helen!

We're the first class like this that we know of in Virginia and we're really excited about this work!

When is this session scheduled?  Sounds like a great project and though I'm in DC I would love to try to get involved at some level. 

Hi Gregory,

Thank you for your interest in our class!  We'll be presenting on Tuesday at 11AM, EST.  

We are also interesting in connecting with other students doing similar work and finding out more about iEarn as well.  Our spring semester is dedicated to social action projects beyond our school, either in our city or region or working globally!

I'm looking forward to hearing from students about their experiences in this class! It seems like this session will be a great opportunity for other schools with similar classes to connect with students in Charlottesville, or for students or teachers who are interested in having a class like this at their school to learn what goes into creating this kind of course. 

Thanks Hilary!

Please send us any questions you have during our session on Tuesday!

It sounds very cool ,a project of global citzenship i think it opens the new ways for students to understand global issues i must appreciate the efforts of u people.

Thank you, Kashfia!  Our program is just in its 2nd year, so we are still learning and building connections through the work we do in the class.  I hope you will join us.

Sounds like a neat class!

Thank you Emily!

I hope you join us on Tuesday at 11AM, GMT 5.


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