Partners of the Americas and iEARN: The Power of Connections and International Collaboration in Education

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Mr. André Hedlund

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CCBEU and Cengage Learning (National Geographic + TED Talks)

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Goiás, Brazil

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Educators, language teachers, teacher coaches and students

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How Connections and International Collaboration can help Students and Teachers tackle Global Issues.

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International organizations offer a number of possibilities to engage in collaborative work. Two of the most impactful organizations fostering understanding, cultural and educational exchange are Partners of the Americas (POA) and iEARN. The first connects leaders and professionals in the Americas to work on projects that serve the community, through voluntary service, and change lives. The latter promotes a range of one-to-one and plural projects, as well as teacher forums to get classrooms of the world together through physical and online tools. What else do they have common? Project-Based Learning (PBL). Another facility these organizations provide is networking. Through influential connections around the globe both students and teachers can work on projects, present ideas and propose solutions to tackle global issues. POA and iEARN bring people closer, thus, increasing the likelihood of anyone to come across innovative ways to merge the young and more experienced minds. The aim of this talk is to demonstrate how my experience in Wyoming on the Teacher-in-Residence grant from POA and the Capoeira Project in Goiânia in tune with iEARN's “Staying Healthy” project can revolutionize students’ learning experience and better prepare them for the challenges of this century as global citizens who work on planet-related issues together. At the end of the session, an open discussion on the importance of the consolidated POA + iEARN association will take place and participants will be able to brainstorm about how it can contribute to their students' awareness of their role as global citizens and critical thinkers.

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