Personalized Learning Toolkits: Designing New Pathways for Every Student

Your Name and Title: Barbara Bray, Creative Learning Strategist

School or Organization Name: Educational Consultant and Writer (CUE)

Co-Presenter Name: Kathleen McClaskey, Education Technology Consultant

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Barbara (California, USA) Kathleen (New Hampshire, USA)

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s):  Teachers, Administrators, Parents -- Anyone who wants to transform the classroom to student-centered learning, motivate students to pursue their passion, and to design creative learning environments that encourage global collaborations.


Short Session Description

Design new pathways for students with learner profiles, personalized learning maps and digital backpacks.


Full Session Description

Objectives: Participants will:
  • understand the importance of each student knowing how they learn best so they are prepared for their future as global citizens.
  • learn about personalizing learning so students are co-learners and co-designers of the curriculum.

Schools are not meeting the needs of today's learners. Each student is unique. However, schools were set up as "one size meets all" organizations with teachers as experts.  Learners of all ages are self-organizing learning objects, creating their PLN, and joining social networks to pursue their own interests. The roles of teachers and students are changing. The world is getting smaller and flatter. Global projects work when each student uses their strengths to make the team work effectively to meet the goals of the project.


Personal Learner Profile

Personalized Learning Map

  • Modalities of Learning
  • Competency-based learning

Personalized Learning BackPack

  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Tools

Personal Learning Guide

  • Teacher and students roles change to co-learners and co-designers
  • Adapt classroom to use Universal Design strategies

Personalized Learning - School Models and Approaches

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Looks like a great proposal, Barbara... would love it if you could include more of a global perspective by including non-USA schools, too, and concrete example of global projects!




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