Presentation for 2012 Conference: Engaging Youth in Tomorrows Challenges

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Laurence Peters, Coordinator

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Learners of all ages, primary & secondary school educators, post secondary research students & university faculty.

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How to engage students in tomorrows' world challenges


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The UN Is a complex organization that most people know only superficially. The UN allows  students to decenter and take on roles that demand they gain a new set of lenses to examine world problems with. Most people are familiar with the UN General Assembly or Model UN role playing exercise. However there are some critical other role playing exercises that involve teams of students projecting themselves into the future and working out roles for themselves in a variety of UN organizations that involve solving the 20 global problems and 20 years to solve them that J, Rischard has set out in his book of the same name among other exercises.
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If you would like to be included in the conference, please follow these directions:

1) Delete your duplicate submissions for the conference. You've submitted three incomplete proposals thus far. Leave only the one you want me to consider. You did not need to submit multiple entries; you can edit existing submissions by going to the OPTIONS button in the upper right hand corner and editing the discussions. Any edits need to be saved.

If you cannot find your multiple proposals, do a search for your name and find them that way. Alternatively, please go to MY PAGE in the green navigation bar at the top of this page to see your most recent activity. You'll find links to anything you've posted to this web site there. 

2) It is a requirement as outlined in our call for proposals that you use at least one of our conference tags: 2012Teachers, 2012Students, 2012Policy, or 2012Curricular. If you do not edit your proposal and include this tag, I'm afraid I can't approve this proposal. 

Step by step instructions are listed here: Please make these changes by Sunday, November 4, 9 AM CST. I will not be reviewing edits after this time as I need to focus on other parts of running the conference.

Thank you for your understanding!


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